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Everyone loves animals. Some of us are fortunate enough to share our lives with them as home companions or workmates but even a run of the mill goldfish needs special care and a willing wallet to thrive and be happy. Here at the Isle of Wight Zoo, we have the expensive but privileged responsibility of caring for endangered and unwanted wild animals, each one of whom makes up our special 'family’ of individuals.

Our animal adoption scheme is the perfect way for you to be able to a special bond with a favourite animal. Whether it's a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one or friend.

Our range of adoption packages has been thoughtfully designed to appeal to all budgets and can be purchased by either individuals through to schools and even corporate groups. We have taken on board comments and wishes of our trusted adopters and have woven these into a colourful new scheme which we hope will more than satisfy your needs. 

The majority of our animals are available for adoptions such as Casper the white lion even our ever popular pig Winston, we have adoption packages for all interests! 
Obviously you won't be able to take your adopted animal home with you but you will be happy in the knowledge that you are actively helping to support the care of each and every animal at the zoo. 

If you have any questions regarding our animal adoptions please do now hesitate to contact us.

What do I receive when I adopt?

Adoption level  'My Zoo Friend' 
         Gold* From 
Species  All Species    All Species    All Species        
 All Species**
Adoption Certificate
(Child's Certificate)
  Yes    Yes          Yes    
Monthly e-newsletter with updates about our animals  X    Yes    Yes          Yes    
Specie Information Sheet  X    X    Yes          Yes  
'All about me' Animal Sheet  X    X    Yes          Yes  
Complimentary Admission Ticket  X    X    1         2    
Photo  X   X   Yes         Yes    
Be acknowledged on our Adoption board X   X   Yes          Yes

IOW Zoo Gift
X X X Yes    
Name on a plaque displayed on the animals main enclosure  X    X            Yes    
'Behind The Scene' Experience - EXCLUSIVELY TO BIG CAT GOLD STAR ADOPTION  X    X        

*Exclusive to 1 Gold Adopter per big cat and exclusive to 5 Gold Adopters per any other species

**All Species:
- Individual adoption - All species £100
- Pair of coatis £150
- Pair of porcupines £150
- Group of tenrecs £150
- Group of marmosets £150
- Meller's duck group £150
- Group of lemurs £250
- Group of monkeys £250
- Group of meerkats £250
- Group of raccoons £250
- Group of goats £250
- Group of pigs £250
- Group of wallabies £250

We also offer adoption clubs for
School and Businesses

A School Adoption Package is available for £50 and includes:
  • Adoption Certificate 
  • Photo 
  • Be acknowledged on our Adoption Board
  • Specie Information Sheet
  • 'All about me' Animal Sheet 
  • Mascot
A Corporate Adoption Package is available for £100 and will includes:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • Photo
  • Be acknowledged on our Adoption Board
  • 5 x Complimentary Family Admission Tickets
  • 10% off food and drink purchases in the Zootique Café (no minimum spend)
  • 10% purchases in the Zootique Shop (no minimum spend)
  • 10% off corporate events

If you have any questions regarding our adoptions packages please do not hesitate to contact us

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