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Meet the Jaguar...

Found in Central and South America, jaguars can live in a variety of habitats. They are best suited to rainforests, where their dappled coats provide them with excellent camouflage. We currently have one jaguar at the Isle of Wight Zoo.


There are definitely two sides to Tequila. On the one hand she is a gorgeous, affectionate and playful cat, but on the other she retains a real wild streak which manifests itself in all her behaviour. Her affectionate moments are frequently tempered by an innate natural desire to inflict a classic Jaguar death-bite through the back of your head.

Tequila came to the zoo in 1999 via an animal entertainment troupe, and she brought some behavioural problems with her from this less-than-happy home, but in her time in a caring environment has come on (literally) in leaps & bounds, so that she now trusts her keepers and displays a wealth of natural, healthy behaviour and abig favourite with many of our visitors with her stunning looks.