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Meet the Lions...

African lions are some of the most iconic animals in the world, and we are lucky to have three living at the Isle of Wight Zoo. Currently classed as vulnerable, lions are under threat all over Africa as they lose habitat and compete with humans.
In 2010 we introduced Casper, the Island's first white lion. He has already helped us raise awareness about the plight of wild lions,



Once found wild in a small region of South Africe, white lions are a rare variation on the tawny African lion. Born snow white, they darken to a striking pale blond colour, with a far paler mane than tawny lions.
Casper has settled into the zoo well since his arrival in 2010.
Casper is in his prime - and he makes sure he tells us all about it with his impressive roar. He also enjoys climbing to the top of the enclosure to survey his territory.


Frosty the white lion is Casper's half-sister. She arrived at the zoo on Valentine's Day 2013, after sadly being rejected by her pride at West Midlands Safari Park. Frosty is a very confident  and intelligent lioness and is now happily settled in the company as a companion to her brother Casper .


Nahla certainly has a character all of her own. She knows how to draw attention to herself with her comical antics and endearing looks. She is very much in tune with human activity and never misses an opportunity to stalk and surprise anyone who happens to be milling around her territory area. This lioness has us all wrapped around her little finger and loves to use us for her own entertainment.  Whatever the weather, rain or shine, you can bank on Nahla being in high spirits.
As with all the cats, words don't do the real animal justice. You really have to encounter this lioness face to face to appreciate her fully and then you'll be hooked.
 Over the years, she has accumulated a devoted fan club.