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Frosty's Big Move

Stage one of the introduction of Casper and Frosty began today when Frosty was relocated to Casper's enclosure.

The enclosure has been partitioned so the lions will be able to live side by side to allow them time to get used to each other. Provided this stage goes well, the plan is to eventually remove the division so they can share the enclosure fully.

Casper and Frosty are half-siblings, so they will not be a breeding pair. However, as lions are social animals they should both benefit from each other's company.

At the time of writing, 11.30am, Frosty is in her bedroom recovering from the anaesthetic. We hope to be able to provide updates throughout the next few days.

Top of page: Frosty recovers with cat keeper Mary.
Left: Weighing Frosty.
Right: Vet Matt takes a blood sample.

weighing Frosty