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Zoo Fools!

Many Islanders fondly recollect the good old days when we used to take young tigers out walking on Yaverland beach. Animal Manger Charlotte Bailie came up with the genius idea to put an April Fools' Day spin on this historical past-time by reinventing a story about us taking adult tigress, Aysha, out for a stroll.

The Isle of Wight County Press posted an image, cleverly photo-shopped by our photographer Karen Dudley, and, hey presto – it worked! The image was so realistic we weren’t too surprised that people fell for it but we didn’t expect the reaction to be quite so relaxed!

It seems local residents would positively welcome the notion of super-predators frolicking along the soft sands of Sandown seafront, with this it is with some regret we have to say – you’ve been April Fooled!"