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Yolande was born at the Isle of Wight Zoo and raised by her mother Michelle. She is a very attractive, delicate female and can be distinguished by her black eye patches that are pointed towards her forehead. Although she spent her juvenile months terrorising the young males and taunting the adults she has now settled down in the group. She now lives with Mifi and the other juveniles, Zebedee and Lacouse.

She is very affectionate to her keepers and often curls up and falls asleep in our arms. In 2004 she was allowed to assist in the care of the new offspring and was often seen carrying one of her mothers twins to help her out. Although she looked very proud this was an amusing sight as the young were nearly as large as her and would often make her lose her balance.

Since Michelle and her twins have been separated she will rush to them and purr at the babies at every given opportunity. She is very active and alert and she is normally the first to spot a potential threat. Yolande is the only ring-tailed lemur to exhibit the long barking alarm call normally used against snakes. She is also very brave and will chase any intruding birds out of her enclosure.

Price: From £20.00 per year