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Aysha epitomises the saying "all the best things come in small packages". Having been born somewhat weak, she is small in stature. Nevertheless, what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality. Definitely one of the chummiest tigers in the sanctuary, she seldom fails to greet those familiar to her and then she just won't leave you alone! Aysha hands out copious amounts of affection, usually marked by endless purring.

To make her all the more likeable, she is never bad-tempered or fractious. Despite her elfin charm,  Aysha may know how to use her sweetness to win hearts but when it comes to the crunch she is certainly a tough little cookie!

Due to her confident nature, Aysha has no problems socializing with the other cats but her true soul mate is, of course, her brother. His mellow disposition balances her tireless energy.

Price: From £5.00 per year