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Zena is a fun and bubbly cat. She is cute and completely irresistible. Part of her appeal is in her tomboyish tendencies. Zena shows no consideration to her beautiful white coat, she is a rare white version of the Indian tiger, when it rains she will consequently splash around in as many muddy puddles as she can find only to emerge looking like she's been down a coal mine! Unlike her older sister, Zia, Zena doesn't seem to understand the meaning of vanity. Zena has a real zest for life, which is evident from watching her humorous antics. Amongst other things, she has perfected the art of bouncing along on her hind legs while trying to 'bite' the jet of water from a hosepipe! Whatever Zena's doing, she is always grateful for an adoring audience. In short, this tigress is a positive show-off!

With Zena, what you see is what you get. There are no complicated sides to her character or shady unknowns. She wears her heart on her sleeve and would sooner trust than mistrust. Zena is as un-streetwise as they come, always seeking care and guidance from Zia. One of Zena's greatest pleasures comes in the shape of food. She is something of a feline hoover with eyes bigger than her belly. On special occasions she expects certain edible luxuries such as smoked haddock and smoked salmon! Ultimately, it is tigers like Zena that are capable of creating the most impact. Because of the sharp contrast between Zena the loveable, overgrown pussycat, and Zena the cat who could obliterate your existence in seconds.

Price: From £20.00 per year