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Zia is a cracker of a cat. She has a kaleidoscopic character, which captivates all with whom it collides. She can be catty yet cuddly, stuck-up but sweet. During the summer months she is quite content to while away the hours sun worshipping but is quick to mock hunt an unsuspecting passer-by, the smaller the better! Her frolicsome activity comes in spurts and can end as soon as it starts if her sister, Zena gets a bit carried away.

Zia is a trendy little miss and is sure to always look her best. Wet mornings are a particular no-no, a good job indeed that Zia doesn't have to endure the Indian monsoon season! She is ever so prim and proper and gracefully feminine. A very pretty tigress, with exquisite markings and a unique, sandy colouring (due to her being a carrier of the white gene) and fab whiskers, Zia draws much attention from us lesser beings. Not in the least camera-shy, she rarely tires of posing for clicks.

Zia is not the easiest cat to cater for. There are times when you can do nothing to please, the foods wrong, the affection's wrong, the lack of affection's wrong! Zia may be obnoxious at times but has ways of making things up with her enchanting nature. When it comes to the crunch, she seems to value the relationship that she has with Zena and her human companions. She may act at little spoilt at times and can be very attention seeking but, really, she is truly special cat.

Price: From £5.00 per year