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Special Wildlife Experiences

Our special wildlife experiences are a perfect opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to get a little closer to exotic wildlife, offering a magical and rare chance to come behind the scenes at the Isle of Wight Zoo for a once- in- a- lifetime encounter. 
Special animal experiences are available to suit most budgets. Pre-booking is advisable,and is essential for most of these experiences.

Our speciall wildlife experience voucher packs are valid for  up to a year from the date of purchase. Alternatively, if you have a specific date in mind you can make a booking enquiry before buying the voucher pack.

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Big Cat Experience


An exciting opportunity to join our big cat keepers as they take you on an exciting private tour behind the scenes at the Isle of Wight Zoo for an amazing chance to see some of our big cats up close.Learn about our tigers and lions, hear about their individual personalities and stories.

Dont forget your camera as you will also be able to take your own unique photographs with unrivalled views of the big cats throughout the tour.

This unique experience lasts around approx 30 minutes.

This experience is for two people, but we are able to offer this experience for an individual booking.
Please call our retail team prior to booking should you wish to book a single person option.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum age 16yrs for this experience. Timings of the tour may occasionally be subject change

For further information or to book a Big cat experience

Big cat training experience

Come behind the scenes at the Isle of Wight Zoo and assist in the training of our big cats!

We use clicker training to encourage our cats to undertake simple tasks such as touching a stick with their paw or nose. This is a highly beneficial session to the cats as it enables their keepers can keep a closer eye on the cats health without the need for anesthetic.

The keepers practice clicker training with the cats daily, and you are invited to join them for a session. You will be feeding meat to the cats as a reward for correctly completing their task.

This experience is available for 1 or 2 people, please use the link below for further information.

For further information or to book a Big cat training experience

                                     Lemur Feeding

Join our keepers for a memorable encounter with our ring tailed lemurs. Guided by their keeper you'll learn how to interact with these fascinating animals, who will do their best to pick your pockets and climb over you in their search for food.

The experience costs £75 for two participants and will require booking in advance in order to prepare the lemurs' diets. If you purchase a gift pack online it will be valid for one session, up to a year from purchase.
Full intructions on how to book your session is included. Alternatively, if you have a specific date in mind you may wish to make a booking enquiry first. 

We are also able to offer this experience as unique family experience priced at £100 for two adults and a maximum of 3 children. Please call our friendly retail team to book as a family experience.

For further information or to book a lemur experience

Keeper For A Day Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a zookeeper? If so, a Zookeeper for the Day experience could be perfect for you!

The Zookeeper for the Day experience involves a cross-section of the animals we have here at the zoo. Our regular zookeepers might be asked to work on any of our animal sections, and you’ll be no different! Whether you’re chopping up fruit for the lemurs, sweeping up after the meerkats or taking observations on tiger behavior, you’ll get a unique insight into life behind the scenes at the zoo.

A three hour junior keeper experience to give youngsters aged between 8 and 17 yrs an opportunity to find out just what it takes to become a zoo keeper.

The child will be need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the experience, the parent or guardian will not take part in activities, but they will be able take photographs.
A refreshment break (drink and biscuit or fruit ) is included.
Price of £150 includes child and 1 x adult.

This experience is also available for 2 children, 2 parents or gaurdians will be able to accompany the children throughout the experience but wil not be able to particpate in the activities. A great family experience priced at £225.

This experience is available all year round but bookings may occaisionally be subject to staff availability. If you have a specific date in mind early booking is advisable.
Winter month bookings maybe weather dependent. In the event of forecast adverse weather, it maybe necessary to reschedule your booking.

If you would like to book this experience for a family please call our friendly retail team who will be able to assist with your booking.

For futher information or to book a Junior keeper experience