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The Zoo Crew

Every single person who works or volunteers at the zoo makes a contribution to animal welfare. We do it in lots of different ways though...

The Zoo Director oversees the whole organisation. She is supported by the senior managers.

The Animal Staff take care of the animals that live here. Each keeper has their own section of the zoo, allowing them to get to know their animals very well.

The Education and Conservation Department take care of all the education within the zoo, from school visits to signage. They also manage the zoo’s conservation and research activities, including liaising with the organisations the zoo donates to.

Marketing department Our marketing dept take care of media, advertising ,social media ,promotions & PR

The Maintenance team make sure that the zoo is kept in good repair. This includes enclosures and animal accommodation as well as the buildings around the zoo.

The Parks and Horticulture staff are responsible for the upkeep of the grounds. They take care of the planting and do any landscaping required. 

The Trading team are responsible for the zoo’s commercial activities. They work in the retail, catering and marketing departments, raising money to help fund the zoo’s work. They have lots of contact with guests and help make visiting us more enjoyable.

Click here for information on any current vacancies.

Volunteers can be attached to a number of different areas, helping to keep the zoo running smoothly. They don’t look after the animals, but they might be found answering guest questions, helping with the gardening or maybe helping run children’s activities. If you’re interested in Volunteering at the zoo, click here for more information.

We are able to take a small number of work experience candidates every year. Applicants must be studying an animal or biology-related course and be 18 or over. click here for more information on work experience at the Isle of Wight Zoo