Origin: africa

African lions are some of the most iconic animals in the world, and we are lucky to have two living at the Isle of Wight Zoo. Currently classed as vulnerable, lions are under threat all over Africa as they lose habitat and compete with humans.

Meet our Lions

African Lions

Although classified as African lions, our two magnificent individuals are commonly known as ‘white lions’ which is an explanation for their very unusual pale blond fur colour and stunning blue eyes. This inherited condition is regarded by scientists as disadvantageous in the wild. In 2010 we introduced Casper, the Island’s first White lion, who was later joined by his half-sister Frosty and together they are helping raise awareness about the plight of all wild lions.


Casper, now twelve years old, came to the Isle of Wight Zoo from West Midlands Safari Park when the dynamics of the existing lion group there posed potential safety problems and he needed a safe forever home. Of course, we were more than happy to oblige! Casper is often to be seen atop his favourite rock, surveying the scene below like true king.


Frosty, came to us from West Midlands Safari Park to be Casper's companion. Five months younger than Casper, Frosty did not appear to remember him and an introduction process was put into place. This was carefully controlled by our animal team so that the two now live happily side by side, although on occasion, Frosty likes to demonstrate her playful streak by waiting until Casper is resting, then sneaking up and annoying him!