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The Isle of Wight Zoo has recently become part of The Wildheart Trust, a registered charity dedicated to making the world a better place for animals, both in the wild and in human care environments.

The Wildheart team believe that humans have the knowledge, understanding and capacity to make life better for all animals on Earth. With wild places being swallowed quicker than ever before, time is of the essence to convert our care into action and we endeavour to demonstrate how this can be achieved from reducing our consumption of palm oil to creating homes for native wildlife in our gardens.

We like to engage with the heart and lead from the head, empowering people to take the health of the planet into their own hands. We’re also committed to securing the best possible welfare for animals which are dependant on us to live happily and healthily in our homes, in farms or in zoos and sanctuaries.

Modern science is constantly re-framing our perception of how animals think and feel and this only motivates us to try even harder to improve their well-being. Our animals benefit from bespoke care from people who become their friends and family. One of our most treasured aims as a charity is to give safe and loving forever homes to big cats and other animals which have been abused in circuses and the pet trade.

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You can get involved in many different ways - why not pay us a visit, make a donation, become a member or even adopt one of our special animals. Email us at to find out how you can help.