UPDATED DATES - ROAD WORKS - 12 Nov - 19 Nov please read below

Posted on November 04, 2018

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR VISITORS – THERE IS A ROAD DIVERSION in place between Monday 12th November and Monday 19th November.

After a week of delays the new dates provided by Island Roads for the roadworks on Culver Parade, Sandown from Avenue Road up to and not including Dinosaur Isle access road are now 12 - 14th November inclusive.

This means access to the Isle of Wight Zoo, Dinosaur Isle and Browns Golf Course need to be made via Yaverland.

If visiting from Ryde please turn left onto Marshcombe Shute from the A3055 – then right onto the B3395 – Sandown Road to the zoo. There will be Road Ahead Closed signs – but this will not restrict your access to the zoo.

If visiting from Sandown please drive to the end of the Broadway, turn left onto Avenue Road then follow Morton Road (A3055) to the traffic lights. At the traffic lights turn right into Marshcombe Shute, then turn right at the roundabout onto the B3395 – Sandown Road.

We are still open – 10 – 4 😊 See you then.