Posted on July 09, 2019

We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be unveiling a new adventure playground almost in time for the summer holidays. We are sure you will agree with us that the design is 'totally us' and we are excited to be sharing this with you now.

Our current playground will close for good on 11th July for a period of 2 weeks. We will then reveal our brand new animal-themed adventure playground…. and we’re not monkeying around!

Our playground has been inspired by the animals that live here in our zoo. Children can not only swing and slide, but bounce and hop too! What's more a look out point which reaches high above our perimeter fences allows the adventurous to see the sea, the animals in the zoo and their fellow playmates below.

We hope to inspire our visitors both young and 'not so young' to leap like a wallaby, swing like a monkey and stand tall like a tiger. The adventurous amongst you will thrive in this animal haven and it will be the perfect pit stop for all as you take in the wonders of the animals here at the zoo.

Be inspired - be adventurous - have fun - BE AN ANIMAL!